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Much of university learning takes place through programs that are connected with teaching, but not actually in the classroom. Honors students have the unique chance to engage with deans, faculty, and other students through our SASHP Leadership opportunities.

Artists Collective

The Artists Collective is a collaborative group for Honors student artists to fuse academics and the arts through various creative endeavors. The Artists Collective hosts a variety of events for students to experience and express themselves through art.

Honors Ambassadors

Honors Ambassadors are student guides to all things SASHP. These student representatives are essential to recruiting prospective students to the SAS Honors Program by providing guidance and support during our spring Scholars Days.

Media Team

Have you heard? The SASHP Media Team is our source for all Honors Program news and media. Students are encouraged to contribute to one of our various SASHP media sources, including our blog and newsletter, to help get the word out about the SAS Honors Program and its students.

Peer Mentors & Programming Board

Our SASHP Peer Mentors are a familiar face and friend to first-year Honors students at Rutgers. Our mentors provide guidance, advice, and resources to new students throughout their first year at Rutgers. Peer Mentors can also get involved by joining our Peer Mentor Programming Board to assist with planning events for the academic year.

Scholar-Leader Award

The School of Arts and Sciences Honors Program encourages creative, talented, and motivated students to take full advantage of all that Rutgers offers, while fostering a strong sense of community and leadership among our Honors Scholars. The Honors Scholar-Leader Award recognizes senior students who have demonstrated these qualities throughout their time at Rutgers. Application coming soon.

Student Advisory Board

The Honors Program Student Advisory Board (HPSAB) is the student voice of the SAS Honors Program. The HPSAB serves the whole Honors Program by providing advice and suggestions for Honors programming and policy.


SASHP Tutors provide free one-on-one tutoring to both honors and non-honors students at Rutgers. Tutors volunteer to assist with a subject of their choice and gain valuable leadership and academic experience.

Learn more about our Honors Leadership opportunities.


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