Student Testimonials


 Students at Peer Mentor Event

 "The SASHP program has been wonderful to me. I was able to get involved with the program through peer mentoring and the programming board, and I have had great support from the faculty and staff that I feel I would have missed out on had I not joined SASHP."

Psychology major, Linguistics minor (Class of 2017)


"[My favorite part about being in the SASHP was] meeting some great friends and going to some fun SASHP sponsored events. Having an Honors Dean to go to was also nice."

Genetics major, English minor (Class of 2017)


"The diversity, the exceptional professors, the kind and hardworking students, the events and the opportunities all made my experience wonderful!"

Criminal Justice major, Sociology minor (Class of 2017)


“[T]he faculty and staff, especially at the honors program, are so kind and willing to help and are also very knowledgeable. I am going to miss being a student at Rutgers."

Comparative Literature major, Biology minor
(Class of 2017)

 Faculty Mentor Gathering Image

"[B]eing part of the Honors Program connected me with amazing professors and deans. And, one of the HP seminars was one of my favorite classes in all of college."

Spanish & Political Science major, International and Global Studies minor (Class of 2017)


"[SASHP] was a family I could turn to from day one
[W]ithin this large university, it was great to know that I had deans I could count on. This program also allowed me to make great friends through honors dorms and required coursework."

Genetics & Public Health major (Class of 2017)

 Senior Gathering with Dean Nazario  

"SASHP was critical to my adjustment to Rutgers. It provided a sense of community and introduced me to faculty guides and mentors who proved invaluable to my success at Rutgers."

Cell Biology and Neuroscience major, Computer Science & Cognitive Science minors (Class of 2017)


"[T]he SASHP was an incredibly supportive environment. Rutgers can be a huge place, but the Honors Program connected me to mentors, deans, and other resources that made navigating Rutgers and taking advantage of opportunities easier. Additionally, the students in the Honors Program, and especially in Brett Hall, formed a tight knit community that I was proud to be a part of."

Cell Biology and Neuroscience major, Chemistry and Spanish minors (Class of 2017)


“I loved having a smaller community within Rutgers- being around familiar faces, forming close relationships with the Honors deans, and feeling as though I had a network of support rooting for my success."

Public Health major, Psychology minor (Class of 2017)


“I love the faculty and the personalized attention. The SASHP Deans really care and look out for their students!”

Genetics major, Political Science & French minors
(Class of 2017)


"[T]he support from SASHP was unbelievable. The program and all its requirements, really prepare students for any future endeavors."

Cell Biology and Neuroscience major, Psychology minor (Class of 2017)

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