dep_placeholderAll members of the SAS Honors Program are assigned an advisor from the SAS Honors Program staff.  Honors Program advisors are students' primary point of contact for discussions about course selection, major selection, graduate and professional school applications, major scholarship applications, internships, co-curricular opportunities, and much more.

Academic Planning & Advising

School of Arts & Sciences Honors Program Class of 2022

Academic Planning and Advising dates for students enrolling in the School of Arts and Sciences:

  • Sunday, April 29, 2018 (CAC)

  • Saturday, May 5, 2018 (CAC)

  • Friday, May 18, 2018 (Livingston)

  • Friday, June 1, 2018 (Livingston)

  • Friday, June 15, 2018 (Livingston)

Reservations for an APA day of your choice must be made online at

Questions? Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Academic Planning and Advising dates for students enrolling in the Rutgers Business School:

  • Saturday, May 5

This program is for RBS-NB first-year students only; programs for parents are part of our New Student Orientation.  RBS students do not need to register in advance for this May 6th APA Day program at the Business School, however, you should make every effort to attend on this date, as not many make-up sessions will be offered this spring or summer.

Questions? Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

  • Once you have reviewed the SAS Honors Course Registration Booklet, you may select the SAS Honors Program Course Selection link below to request SAS Honors Interdisciplinary Seminars, department-based honors courses, and SAS Honors Colloquium. 
    • SAS Honors Program Online Course Selection
      • Students must request , at least, five Interdisciplinary Honors Seminars and five Departmental Honors Courses.
      • We also recommend that students request Honors Colloquium.
    • All SAS Honors Program Course requests must be submitted no later than Friday, June 23, 2017.

Placement Testing

The Rutgers Placement Tests determine the courses you are eligible to take in WRITING, MATH and FOREIGN LANGUAGES. All incoming first year students at SAS are required to take placement testing, with two exceptions:

1. Students with a Critical Reading SAT score or Evidence-Based Reading & Writing (EBRW) SAT score of 600 or higher or a score of 30 or higher on the English section of the ACT (Usage/Mechanics and Rhetorical Skills) are exempt from completing the English portion of the testing, and will be automatically be placed into Expository Writing.

2. Students who completed the AP exam in English (Lang/Comp or Lit/Comp) or Calculus AB or BC with a score of 4 or 5 in the junior year do not have to complete the placement test in that subject, but must ensure that the AP scores are sent to Rutgers.

Rutgers placement testing will now be administered online, beginning in March 2016. Only some foreign language exams (Italian, East Asian Languages, and African, Middle Eastern, and South Asian Languages) will continue to be administered on campus. Please check Placement Testing on the Enrollment Pathway for more information.

First Year Student Foreign Language Placement Testing for Fall 2018:

** French, German, and Latin placement tests are issued online via department websites. Click links below to navigate to the department testing pages.


All members of the SAS Honors Program are assigned a Honors Dean from the SAS Honors Program staff who is available as a resource and guide for students from matriculation to graduation. They work in concert with faculty, academic departments, and other staff and Deans, who make up the campus community, to support students through a holistic approach.

As the Honors student's primary point of contact, the Honors Dean is available to discuss course selection, major selection, graduate and professional school applications, major scholarship applications, internships, co-curricular opportunities, and much more! Students are encouraged to contact their Honors Dean to schedule an appointment or stop in during designated drop in hours to discuss their academic plans.

Below are recommendations from the Honors Program based on class year.  Students are always encouraged to meet with their Honors Dean to discuss their individualized academic and career plans.  

Things to think about as a…
First Year iconSophomores iconjrSeniors 

      First-Years & Sophomores

  • SAS Honors Program Requirements
    • Be mindful of the SAS Honors Academic Progress Policy.
      • All honors students must earn a minimum 3.25 semester GPA during their first year and a 3.5 semester GPA every semester thereafter.
      • We highly recommend that you take a Byrne Seminar in your first-year. These wonderful, small 1-credit courses are only available your first-year, and it fulfills your 2nd Honors Colloquium.
      • The Foreign Language Proficiency Requirement is more than a requirement; it prepares you as a member of an increasingly globalized society.  Check out all four options; there is something for everyone!
      • It's never too early to begin thinking about your senior capstone! Create a folder with potential research ideas and epiphanies that come up as you take classes and engage with faculty
  • Academics
    • Students typically officially declare a major by second semester of their sophomore year. 
      • Undecided? Explore! This is your time to check out courses towards potential majors & minors
      • Decided? It is important to meet with the adviser in your major department and get involved in the life of your academic department.
      • RU wondering what students with your major might do post-Rutgers?  Check out "What Can I Do With This Major" from University Career Services.
  • Connect with Campus Resources:
    • If you are considering the pre-law track, connect with the Pre-Law Office for pre-law advising. 
    • If you are on the pre-health track, connect with the Health Professions Office (HPO) for pre-health advising. 
    • Visit University Career Services to hone your resume, discuss career options based on your academic interests, practice mock interviews, and attend internship and career fairs.
    • The Rutgers Learning Center offers group tutoring in many introductory and advanced level courses, but also offers free academic coaching to help with time management and test anxiety.
    • There is a range of national fellowships to consider applying to, as early as your first-year.  
    • Merit based scholarships are also available through the SAS Scholarship Office.  
    • Bookmark these valuable websites:
      • Academic Calendar has important information about academic deadlines, including the add/drop and withdrawal deadlines, holiday closings, and change of class day designations.
      • Academic Departments has links to every SAS academic department and pertinent advising information related to their major(s).
      • Degree Navigator helps students stay on track with their SAS core, major, and minor (if applicable) requirements.
      • Majors & Minors lists every available SAS major and minor and which majors are considered credit intensive.
      • SAS Core Curriculum lists all the available SAS core courses organized by academic department.
      • SAS Forms are all online.
  • Engage with Honors:
    • Stay connected with SASHP on social media through our Facebook page, Instagram, & SAS Honors Blog
    • First-years are encouraged to request a Peer Mentor and/or Faculty Mentor who can serve as a helpful resource during their first year at Rutgers. 
    • Sophomores are encouraged to apply to serve as a Peer Mentor and/or an Honors Ambassador to serve as a student resource and representative of the SAS Honors Program. 
    • Commuters & Off-Campus students should check the various amenities available to them on all four campuses, as well as events organized by the Rutgers Commuter Student Association. Commuters can also check our Tips for Commuter Students provided by the SASHP Peer Mentor commuters. 
    • Explore! Consider an Honors Program Global Experience, a Rutgers Study Abroad Prgram, or an exchange program to another university in the United States, Guam, Puerto Rico, or the U.S. Virgin Islands. 
  • Expand your horizons:
    • Visit the Aresty Research Center to learn about their summer and academic-year research opportunities. 
    • Go beyond the classroom! Choose from over 450 student organizations to join. 
    • Stay in touch about upcoming events, programs and involvement opportunities at Rutgers University by signing up for the RU Involved listserve.
  •  Take care of your mind & body!
    • Speak with a confidential professional at Counseling, ADAP, & Psychiatric Services (CAPS).
    • De-stress at any of the free classes offered at the campus Recreation Centers.

      Juniors & Seniors


To be designated a "School of Arts and Sciences Honors Scholar" at the time of graduation, an SAS Honors Program student must complete the following requirements:

  • A minimum of four 3- or 4-credit courses totaling 12 or more credits that are designated as honors courses, with a grade of C or better; these could include departmental honors offerings and interdisciplinary honors seminars.  Please note: no courses used for completion of the Capstone requirement can be used to satisfy this requirement.
  • A minimum of one Honors Colloquium, preferably in the student's first year as a member of the SAS Honors Program. A second Honors Colloquium or an alternative chosen from the following:

                1. Taking a Byrne Seminar (First-year students only)
                2. Taking an Honors section of an SAS Signature Course (when offered)
                3. Studying abroad on a program for which a student receives Rutgers credit
                4. Serving as a Peer Instructor for a FIGS course

  • Proficiency in a foreign language through the intermediate level (effective for students entering Fall 2009 as members of Class of 2013 or later).  All courses used for the SAS Honors Program Foreign Language Proficiency Requirement must be completed with a letter grade of C or better.  Click here for information regarding the Foreign Language Proficiency Requirement.
  • A Capstone of at least 6 credits (minimum of 3 credits per semester) typically completed in the senior year. The Capstone involves a substantial writing/research component consistent with the norms of the discipline. Students are encouraged to complete a research or special academic project prior to, and as preparation for, the Capstone.  Click here for information regarding the Capstone.

honors program offices

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