Honors General Chemistry (4)
01:160:164:H1 Index #04329
01:160:164:H2 Index #04330
Professor S. Marvasti
Prereq: 01:160:163 Coreq: 640:136 Or 640:138 Or 640:152 or Equivalent

Covers topics of 01:160:161-162 in more depth. Material related to current research topics and other fields of scientific interest.


Honors Organic Chemistry (4)
01:160:316:H1 Index #08936
01:160:316:H2 Index #08938
01:160:316:H3 Index #08939
Professors L. Williams – H. Roth
Prereq: 01:160:315

Survey of structure, properties, and reactivity of main classes of organic compounds with a focus on qualitative molecular orbital theory, reaction mechanisms, and synthesis.