Introduction to Cultural Anthropology (4)

01:070:101:H1 Index #18244
Professor Rau
By Permission of InstructorCultural anthropology is concerned with understanding and explaining similarities and differences among groups of people living all over the world. As the branch of anthropology dedicated to the study of cultural diversity, cultural anthropology’s primary goal is to understand social differences (whether cultural, ethnic, “racial,” gender, sexual, class, or religious) and their relationship to political, economic, linguistic, historical, and other social realms. This course introduces students to the anthropological study of different cultures and to anthropological ways of understanding the world. It surveys the basic concepts and research methods of the field and the key areas of inquiry in cultural anthropology today. This course helps students comprehend the world as others see it and it encourages them to see themselves as part of a large, interconnected world. Through cultivating students’ cross-cultural awareness and their critical thinking about such differences, this course helps prepare them for living in an increasingly diverse and global world.This course is a prerequisite for many upper-level anthropology courses, and a requirement for anthropology majors.