Fall 2017 Department-Based Honors Courses and Sections of Courses


Introduction to Financial Accounting (3)
33:010:272:H1 Index #09297
Professor Adesso

Administrative Studies

Introduction to Business (3)
33:011:100:H1 Index#13549

Biological Sciences

General Biology I (4)
01:119:115:H1 Index #02691
01:119:115:H2 Index #00045

Brain, Mind, and Behavior (3)
01:119:195:H1 Index #06230 Class Level: First Year Student
01:119:195:H2 Index #09043 Class Level: Sophomore
01:119:195:H3 Index #09044
Professor J. Schjott

Business Analytics & Information Technology (BAIT)

Operations Management (3)
33:136:386:H1 Index #10964
Professor A. Ben-Israel

Cell Biology & Neuroscience

Fundamentals of Cell & Developmental Biology (3)
01:146:270:H1 Index #13169
Professor A. Carr- Schmid


Honors General Chemistry (4)
01:160:163:H2 Index #02436 Class Level: First-Year Student
01:160:163:H3 Index #17623
Professor S. Marvasti
Prereq: 01:160:112 Or 640:115 Or 640:151 or 640:135

Honors Organic Chemistry (4)
01:160:315:H1 Index #03889
01:160:315:H2 Index #06355
01:160:315:H3 Index #07387
01:160:315:H4 Index #09369
Professors D. Seidel
Prereq: 01:160:160 or 01:160:162 Or 01:160:164


Introduction to Communication and Information (3)
04:189:101:H1 Index #19944
04:189:101:H2 Index#19945
Professor J. Mandelbaum

Media, Government and Politics (3) 
04:567:458:H1 Index #20514

Creative Writing

Multi Media Composition (3)
01:351:209:H1 Index #14174
Professor P. Bielcki

Introduction to Creative Writing (3)
01:351:211:H1 Index#11894
Professor P. Blaney


Introduction to Microeconomics (3)
01:220:102:H1 Index #03569
Professor J. Cskydel   
01:220:102:H3 Index #14624
Professor J. Cskydel
See online schedule for prereqs

Inequality (4)  (Cross Listed as 01:790:120:H1)
01:220:120:H1 Index #21075
Professor D. Blair

Advanced Econometrics (3)
01:220:401:H1 Index #04211
Professor R. Klein
See online schedule for prereqs

English: Literature

The Coming Apocalypse (4) (SAS SIGNATURE COURSE)
01:358:205:H1 Index #18480
Professor R. Miller

English: Theories and Methods

Principles of Literary Study: Poetry (3)
01:359:201:H1 Index #16763
Professor A. Zitin

Introduction to Health, Medicine, and Literature Principles of Literary Study: Poetry (3)
01:359:209:H1 Index #21172
Professor J. Samyn


Financial Management for Finance Majors (3)
33:390:310:H1 Index #11089
Professor O. Palmon


Approaches to French Literature (3)
01:420:217:H1 Index #06193
Professor M. Shaw

Approaches to French Literature (3)

01:420:218:H1 Index #18928
Professor J. Tamas

Topics in French & Francophone Literature and Culture (3)

01:420:391:H1 Index #18924
Professor U. Eisenzweig
Contact Department for appropriate course placement


Honors Computational Genetics (3)
01:447:203:H1 Index #18315
Professor T. Matise
Pre-Reqs: Honors Program or Honors College 1st Year SAS Students ONLY with AP Biology Credit

Genetics (4)
01:447:380:H1 Index #14549
01:447:380:H2 Index #14550
Professor D. Glodowski

Genetic Analysis I (4)
01:447:384:H1 Index #14555
Professor M. Verzi

Geological Sciences

Sea Change:The Rise & Fall Of Sea Level And The Jersey Shore (3) (SAS SIGNATURE COURSE)
01:460:110:H1 Index #13344
Professor K. Miller


Introduction to Marketing (3)
33:630:301:H1 Index #01979
Class Level: Juniors and Seniors


Calculus I Math/Physics (4)
01:640:151:H1 Index #00299
01:640:151:H2 Index #05748       
01:640:151:H3 Index #14530
Professor X. Jiang

Calculus II Math/Physics (4)
01:640:152:H1 Index #00302
01:640:152:H2 Index #14534
Professor A. Rainsford
By Permission: Department Staff
Prereqs: 01:640:135 or 01:640:137 or 01:640:143 or 01:640:151 or 01:640:153 or 01:640:191 or 62:640:135 or 21:640:135

Honors Calculus II (4)
01:640:192:H1 Index #00304
Professor M. Maridakis

Differential Equations for Engineering and Physics (4)
01:640:244:H1 Index #15839
Professor T. Butler

Multivariable Calculus (4)
01:640:251:H1 Index #03555
01:640:251:H2 Index #06502
01:640:251:H3 Index #08332
Professor J. Palmer

01:640:251:H4 Index #14539
01:640:251:H5 Index #14540
01:640:251:H6 Index #14542
Professor K. Nam
By Permission: Department Staff
Prereqs: 01:640:192 or 01:640:152 or 01:640:154 or 21:640:136 or 50:640:122 or 62:640:136

Honors Calculus III (4)
01:640:291:H1 Index #00312
Professor R. Nussbaum
By Permission: Department Staff
Prereqs: 01:640:192 or Special Permission

Introduction to Math Reasoning (3)
01:640:300:H1 Index #05842
Professor S. Sahi

01:640:300:H2 Index #14621
Professor M. Saks

Introduction to Real Analysis I (4)
01:640:311:H1 Index #14041
Professor S. Chanillo
By Permission: Department Staff
Prereqs: 01:640:244 or 01:640:252 or 01:640:292 and 01:640:300

Linear Algebra (3)
01:640:350:H1 Index #13930
Professor Z. Qi
By Permission: Department Staff
Prereqs: (01:640:250 and 01:640:250 and 01:640:300 and 01:640:244) or (01:640:250 and 01:640:250 and 01:640:300 and 01:640:252) or (01:640:250 and 01:640:250 and 01:640:300 and 01:640:292)

Mathematical Analysis I (3)
01:640:411:H1 Index #00322
Professor M. Beals

Abstract Algebra I (3)
01:640:451:H1 Index #03827
Professor L. Carbone

Molecular Biology and Biochemistry

Introduction to Molecular Biology Research (3)
01:694:215:H1 Index #05919
01:694:215:H3 Index #15095
Professor A. Vershon
By special permission
Class Level: First Year Students
See online schedule for prereqs for Honors Students Only

Analytical Methods in Biology (3)
01:694:230:H1 Index #16999
Professor G. Bhanot
See online schedule for prereqs

Introduction to Molecular Biology, Biochemistry and Genetics Research (4)
01:694:316:H1 Index #15039
01:694:316:H3 Index #15098
Professor A. Vershon
By special permission
Class Level: MBB or Genetics Second or Third Year Students
See online schedule for prereqs for Honors Students Only


Analytical Physics I (2)
01:750:123:H1 Index #18630
01:750:123:H2 Index #18986
01:750:123:H3 Index #18987
01:750:123:H4 Index #18988
01:750:123:H5 Index #18989
01:750:123:H6 Index #18990
Professor E. Diaconsecu

Honors Physics I (3)
01:750:271:H2 Index #03041
01:750:271:H3 Index #03385
01:750:271:H4 Index #03926
Professor A. Lath
Prereq: 01:640:112

Honors Physics III (3)
01:750:273:H1 Index #03302
01:750:273:H2 Index #03303
01:750:273:H3 Index #03386
01:750:273:H4 Index #14407
Professor J.P. Chou

01:750:273:HA Index #17515
Professor W. Wu
Prereq: 01:750:272 and 01:640:152

Classical Physics Lab (2) 
01:750:275:H1 Index #04098
Professor G. Blumberg

Political Science

Nature of Politics (3)
01:790:101:H1 Index #04951
Professor A. Murphy

Introduction to International Relations (3)
01:790:102:H1 Index #14028

Law and Politics (3)
01:790:106:H1 Index #05912
Professor Y. Wollenberg

Inequality (4)  (Cross Listed as 01:220:120:H1)
01:790:120:H1 Index #21136
Professor D. Blair

Causes of War (3)
01:790:324 Index #18458
Professor J. Levy

Advanced Studies in Law III (3)
01:790:412:H1 Index #18437
Professor M. Heumann
This course is offered to Juniors and Seniors


General Psychology (3)
01:830:101:H1 Index #07269
01:830:101:H2 Index #14265
Professor M. Ingate

Cognition (3)
01:830:305:H1 Index #15167
Professor A. Leslie


Religions Now: 21st Century Controversies (SAS SIGNATURE COURSE)
01:840:105:H1 Index #16538
Professor Williams


Introduction to Spanish Literature (3)
01:940:215:H1 Index #08584
Professor K. Bishop

Supply Chain Management

Introduction to Supply Chain (3)
33:799:301:H1 Index #12368
Professor D. Klepacki

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