SAS Program Requirements


  • Thinking about writing an Honors Thesis?  Find out your major's Departmental Honors Program and requirements.
  • Juniors: consider taking the 1-credit course, 01:090:391 "Introduction to the Thesis," to prepare for the Honors Thesis Capstone option.
  • Visit the Capstone page to get a basic overview of the six capstone choices. Then, visit the Capstone Guide on Sakai for comprehensive information about the capstone requirement.  It has a wealth of information, including videos and advice from other students.
  • If you're pursuing Option 2 for your Capstone requirement, remember that your proposal must be approved after submitting an Interdisciplinary Honors Thesis Proposal Application by the deadline.
  • If you are conducting research for your capstone, consider whether you will need approval from the Institutional Research Board (IRB).

Post-Rutgers Planning

  • Apply to a prestigious national fellowship to earn funding to teach, pursue research or graduate school, or go abroad.
  • Learn what University Career Services has to offer to help obtain an internship, apply to graduate school, search for jobs, and/or attend one of their upcoming career fairs & information sessions. 
  • Consider applying for the SASHP Senior Leader Award. This award is open to any student who has completed all SASHP requirements, with the exception of the Capstone, at the end of their junior year.