Department-Based Honors Courses/Sections

Not included in this list are departmental honors thesis courses.  For information about those programs and courses, go to individual department websites.

School of Arts and Sciences - 01

Rutgers Business School - 33

 School of Arts and Sciences - 01

Biological Sciences

Brain, Mind, and Behavior (3)
01:119:195:H1 Index # 07686
01:119:195:H2 Index # 11552
01:119:195:H3 Index # 11553
Professor J. Schjott

The course will be organized around case stories in the fields of neurology and neuroscience.  Several of the case stories are written by neuroscientist and medical doctor V.S. Ramachandran and by neurologist Oliver Sacks.  They both write about patients with neurological deficits in a way that is captivating and fascinating for lay people, but also with enough detail and explanation of the underlying brain mechanisms to be useful as a first view into neuroscience. Articles by other authors from magazines such as The New Yorker, New York Times Magazine and Scientific American will also be used in the course. The course is aimed at honors students with an interest in the topic, but who may not necessarily be science majors. No prior knowledge of neurology or neuroscience is required.


Honors General Chemistry (4)
01:160:163:H1 Index # 02788
01:160:163:H2 Index # 02789
Professor J. Krenos
COREQ: 640:135 OR 640:151

Honors Organic Chemistry (4)
01:160:315:H1 Index # 04648
01:160:315:H2 Index # 07832
01:160:315:H3 Index #09286
01:160:315:H4 Index # 12065
Professors: D. Seidel

Computer Science

Introduction to Discrete Structures II  (4)
01:198:206:H1 Index # 05153



Introduction to Microeconomics (3)
01:220:102:H1 Index # 04145
Professor C. Campbell
Prereqs: 640:111 OR 115 or Placement into Calculus

Intermediate Micro Analysis (3)
01:220:320:H1 Index #17630
Professor O. Carbonell

Intermediate Macro Analysis (3)
01:220:321:H1 Index #17631
Professor T. Keister

*Advanced Econometrics (3)
01:220:401:H1 Index # 05035
Professor B. Sopher
Prereqs: See online schedule for prereqs

*This is a required course for Departmental Honors in Economics.  Students who complete Departmental Honors in Economics may not use this course as one of the four required honors courses for the SAS Honors Program.


English (3)

Intro to Science Fiction
01:358:254:H1 Index#17986
Professor R. Dienst

Science Fiction is a vast genre with a long history, and like the universe itself, it is always expanding. In order to explore just one corner of this field, this course will concentrate on more recent novels, mostly North American, primarily gravitating around utopian and dystopian aspects of contemporary culture. We’ll read Philip K. Dick, Ursula K. LeGuin, Octavia Butler, Samuel R. Delany, William Gibson, Margaret Atwood, Jonathan Lethem, and a few more. There will be a lot of reading, discussion, and blog writing.



Approaches to French Literature (3)
01:420:217:H1 Index # 07636
Professor M. Shaw



Introduction to Linguistic Theory (3)
01:615:201:H1 Index # 14071



For information about registration in other honors courses in the Department of Mathematics (Honors Calculus I for Math/Physics, 640:151:H1 and H2; Honors Calculus II for Math/Physics, 640:152:H1; Honors Multivariable Calculus, 640:251:H1 and H2; Honors Introduction to Mathematical Reasoning, 640:300:H1), go to the Department of Mathematics Honors Course Information Page:  or contact the Undergraduate Mathematics Office (Hill Center 303) at 848-445-2390.

Topics of Mathematics-Liberal Arts (3)
01:640:103:H1 Index #19032

Calculus I Math/Physics (4)
01:640:151:H1 Index # 00341
01:640:151:H2 Index # 07032
Prereqs: See online schedule for prereqs

Calculus II Math/Physics (4)
01:640:152:H1 Index # 00344
Prereqs: See online schedule for prereqs

Multivariable Calculus (4)
01:640:251:H1 Index # 04128
01:640:251:H2 Index # 08009
01:640:251:H3 Index # 10624
Prereqs: See online schedule for prereqs

Introduction to Math Reasoning (3)
01:640:300:H1 Index # 07155
Prereqs: See online schedule for prereqs


Molecular Biology and Biochemistry

Introduction to Molecular Biology and Biochemistry Research  (3)
01:694:215:H1 index # 07257
Professor A. Vershon
Only Honors Program 1st Year Students with AP Biology Credit
PRERQS: 01:119:101 And  119:102;1ST Year SAS Students Only With AP Biology Credit



Students may request special permission at  01:750:271 and 01:750:275 require special permission.

Honors Physics I (3)
01:750:271:H1 Index # 00380
01:750:271:H2 Index # 03497
01:750:271:H3 Index # 03901
01:750:271:H4 Index # 04695
01:750:271:H5 Index #16423
01:750:271:H6 Index #16496
Professor P. Chandra
Pre or Coreq: Calculus I

Honors Physics III (3)
01:750:273:H1 Index # 03805
01:750:273:H2 Index # 03806
01:750:273:H3 Index # 03902
Professor E. Halkiadakis
Prereq: 01:750:272

Classical Physics Lab (1)
01:750:275:H1 Index # 04908
01:750:275:H2 Index # 03706
01:750:275:H3 Index # 13765
01:750:275:H4 Index # 13766
01:750:275:H5 Index # 03903
01:750:275:H6 Index # 03704
01:750:275:H7 Index # 04178
Professor G. Blumberg

Political Science

Nature of Politics (3)

01:790:101:H1 Index # 05983

Law & Politics (3)
01:790:106:H1 Index # 07247
Credit not given for both this course and 790:247

Advanced Studies in Law II (3)
01:790:411:H1 Index # 14479
Professor Adams



General Psychology (3)
01:830:101:H1 Index # 09078
Professor G. Brill

This course will explore the wide variety of topics and issues in the scientific study of mind and behavior, with a particular emphasis on (1) areas of theoretical unity and disunity within the discipline, and (2) the psychology of happiness and well-being.

Cognition (3)
01:830:305:H1 Index #16011
Professor A. Leslie
Prereqs: See online schedule for prereqs



Intro Hispanic Lit (3)
01:940:215:H1 Index # 10992
Professor K. Bishop
Permission of Dept.


Rutgers Business School (33)


Introduction to Financial Accounting (3)
33:010:272:H1 Index # 11964
Professor Adesso

Introduction to basic accounting concepts, business and reporting, and accounting; emphasis on measuring and recording transactions and interpreting financial statements. 

Introduction to Financial Accounting is a gateway into the business world. The job of an accountant is to communicate the results of financial transactions to both internal and external users through the preparation and interpretation of financial statements. This course provides students with a basic understanding of how a corporation raises, spends and distributes its profits. Through the study of the technical aspects of accounting, students are encouraged to go beyond the “numbers” and discover/improve their own capacity for analytical thought.

Business Analytics and Information Technology (BAIT)

Click here for the BAIT major overview

Operations Management (3)
33:136:386:H1 Index #15159
Professor A B Israel
Prereqs: Calc I and Stats I


Financial Management for Finance Majors (3)
33:390:310:H1 Index # 15416
Professor O. Palmon
Prereqs: Calc I and Stats I


 Introduction to Marketing (3)
33:630:301:H1 Index # 02223
Professor TK Kim
Class Level:  Junior   Senior

Extensive overview of marketing: the process of creating goods and services in response to consumer wants and needs. Study of the marketing function in business firms and nonprofit organizations. Consumer behavior, marketing research, industrial marketing, pricing, channels of distribution, and promotion.

Supply Chain Management

Introduction to Supply Chain Management (3)
33:799:301:H1 Index # 18916
Prereqs: Intro to Financial Accounting (33:010:272)