Interdisciplinary Honors Seminars

major minor electives graphicInterdisciplinary Honors Seminars are offered through the Honors Program. They are open to all New Brunswick/Piscataway Honors Program members in all class years, but are generally designed for first-year and second-year students. Faculty from throughout the New Brunswick campuses are invited to offer an Honors Seminar, an opportunity to think about complex problems and issues across disciplinary boundaries or outside of traditional disciplinary trajectories. For the faculty, the seminars are often a springboard for their own research or for course development. Through Honors Seminars, faculty also recruit promising undergraduates to join them on collaborative research projects. Honors Seminars have an enrollment of no more than seventeen students, and involve extensive written work and readings, discussion, independent work, and often include research as well as field work opportunities.  Interdisciplinary Seminars offered under 01:090:292, 01:090:293, 01:090:294, 01:090:295, 01:090:296, and 01:090:297 can be used to meet the SAS Core Curriculum goals in Writing and Communication [WCd].

Fall 2022 Interdisciplinary Honors Seminars

Please note: no SPNs will be granted for closed courses. 

#HerToo: When Women Reclaim Fairy Tales

Course # 01:090:295:H3
Index# 06041
T 10:20 AM – 01:20 PM
SC 220 CAC
Jennifer Tamas

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Anti-Apartheid and Civil Rights Movements: King and Mandela, Lessons in Leadership

Course # 01:090:296:H1
Index# 06042
W 10:20AM-1:20PM
MU 212 CAC
Ronald Quincy

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Climate Crisis: Shiny Toys to the Rescue?

Course # 01:090:297:H3
Index# 06047
T/H 2:00PM-3:20PM
Sunil Somalwar

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HumAnimals in Middle Eastern Literature

Index# 06037
W 10:20am-1:20pm
Yasmine Khayyat

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International Avant-Gardes: Modernist Art of the Machine Age

Course # 01:090:293:H1
Index# 06034
W 12:10PM-3:10PM
Zimmerli Greenwall Education Room CAC
Jane Sharp

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Occupy Wall Street

Course # 01:090:295:H2
Index# 19621
MW 5:40PM-7:00PM
Mark Bray

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One Mind. Two Languages.

Course # 01:090:296:H2
Index# 06043
M 12:10PM-3:10PM
AB 5190 CAC
Nuria Sagarra

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Photography: Theories and Practices of an International Medium

Course # 01:090:296:H3
Index# 06044
T/TH 3:50PM-5:10PM
MU 114 CAC
Zeynep Gürsel

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Religion & 21st-Century Right Wing Movements

Course # 01:090:292:H1
Index# 06031
M/H 10:20AM-11:40 AM
MU 111 CAC
Tia Kolbaba

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Reparations: An International Perspective

Course # 01:090:297:H1
Index# 06045
T 12:10PM-3:10PM
SC 115 CAC
Michael Levine

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Secrets of the Quantum Universe

Index# 19848
TH 10:20 AM – 01:20 PM 
SEC 218 BUS 
Piers Coleman

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Ten Plagues: A History of Cities and Pandemics

Course # 01:090:293:H2
Index# 06035
M 12:10PM-3:10PM
Brett Seminar Room CAC
Carla Yanni & Seth Koven

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The Creative Spark: The Making of Masterpieces in Music and Art

Course # 01:090:292:H3
Index# 06033
T 2:00PM-5:00PM
SC 106 CAC
George Stauffer & Stephen Westfall

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The Culture of Sport

Course # 01:090:295:H1
Index# 06040
T/F 8:30AM-9:50AM
HC N106 CA
Larry Scanlon

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The Politics and Power of Race in American Social Policies

Course # 01:090:297:H4
Index# 20079
M/Th 12:10PM-1:30PM
HCK-213 C/D
Yalidy Matos

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The Problem of Evil in Philosophy and Popular Culture

Course # 01:090:294:H3
Index# 06039
T 8:30AM-11:30AM
Trip McCrossin

Will Count Towards SAS – Philosophy MAJOR and MINOR

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Course # 01:090:292:H2
Index# 06032
M/H 10:20AM-11:40 AM
BIO 206 C/D
Rob Scott

Will Count Towards Anthropology MAJOR
Will Count Towards Anthropology MINOR

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