Interdisciplinary Honors Seminars

Ghost in the Machine: AI, Ethics, and Personhood

Ghost in the Machine: AI, Ethics, and Personhood


Index# 13691

Professor Aaron Rabinowitz

M/W 2:50-4:10

HC S120 College Ave Campus

Will NOT Count Towards SAS – Philosophy MAJOR
Will NOT Count Towards
SAS – Philosophy MINOR

The goal of this class is to address pressing ethical questions related to the development of sentient and non-sentient artificial intelligence. We will begin by examining competing accounts of personhood and how they have evolved along with emerging technologies. We will then explore the rapidly advancing world of non-sentient artificial intelligence, and try to determine if an artificial person is possible, as well as whether we could effectively test for sentience. Finally, we will work through some of the social ramifications of artificial personhood, both actual and simulated.