Interdisciplinary Honors Seminars

Spring 2018 Interdisciplinary Honors Seminars

Communication and the Construction of FamilyCommunication and the Construction of Family
01:090:292:01 Index# 10523
Professor Jenny Mandelbaum
Monday 2:50 PM-5:50 PM
BRT, Seminar Room
CAC Campus

The History of Predicting the Future (and Getting it Wrong)
01:090:292:02 Index# 10534
Professor Jamie Pietruska
M-Th 9:50-11:10 AM
Honors College, Room S124, CAC Campus

The Trump Phenomenon
01:090:292:03 Index# 13265
Professor David Greenberg
Monday 1:10-4:10 PM
Honors College, Room S124, CAC Campus

Problem of Evil in Philosophy and Popular Culture
01:090:292:04 Index# 11992
Professor Edward McCrossin
Thursday 9:50AM- 12:50 PM
BRT, Seminar Room
CAC Campus

Scapegoating, Terrorism and the Innocent Victim
01:090:293:01 Index# 10524
Professor Steven Walker
Tuesday 9:50 AM-12:50 PM
Honors College, Room S126, CAC Campus

Walking in the Metropolis
01:090:293:03 Index# 10525
Professor Andrea Baldi
T-Th 1:10 PM-2:30 PM
Honors College, Room S120, CAC Campus

Artificial Intelligence: A Cultural History
01:090:293:04 Index# 11991
Professor Emrah Efe Khayyat
M-W 4:30-5:50 PM
Honors College, Rm E128, CAC Campus

Genes and Evolution
01:090:294:01 Index# 10526
Professor Frank Deis
M-W 1:40-3 PM
Allison Road Classroom, Room 203, BUSCH Campus

Cultures of American Adolescence
01:090:294:02 Index# 10527
Professor Leslie Fishbein
Monday 9:15 AM-12:15 PM
Ruth Adams Bldg, Room 18 C/D Campus

Reading in Slow Motion
01:090:294:04 Index# 13266
Professor Richard Miller
M-W 1:10-2:30PM
Academic Building, Rm 1100, CAC Campus

Society and Education in Contemporary China
01:090:295:01 Index# 11989
Professor Tanja Sargent
Tuesday 1:10-4:10 PM
Honors College, Room S124, CAC Campus

How Do We Know This
01:090:295:03 Index# 10753
Professor Gary Rendsburg
T-Th 2:50PM-4:10 PM
Honors College, Room S120, CAC Campus

Historical Archaeology of Slavery
01:090:295:06 Index# 14330
Professor Carmel Schrire
Wednesday 2:15-5:15 PM
Biol Sciences Bldg Rm 206, C/D Campus

The Food-Energy-Water Nexus in the Anthropocene
01:090:296:01 01:090:296:02 Index# 01:11988 /02:10532
Professor Nirav Patel
Tuesday 8:10-9:30 AM Wednesday 1-8:10-9:30 AM Wednesday 2-9:50- 11:10AM
Academic Building, Rm 1100
CAC Campus

Inequality and Opportunity in America
01:090:296:03 Index# 10533
Professor Patricia Roos
Tuesday 9:15 AM-12:15 PM
Hickman Hall, Room 132
C/D Campus

Darwin and Literature
01:090:296:05 Index# 16122
Professor Paul Gilmore
M-Th 11:30 AM-12:50 PM
Honors College, Room N106, CAC Campus

The Troubles: Partition, Sectarianism, Peace & Reconciliation in Northern Ireland
01:090:297:01 Index# 10529
Professor Paul Blaney
Wednesday 2:50-5:50 PM35 College Ave., Room 302
CAC Campus

Medieval Cluny, Christendom & Islam Medieval Cluny, Christendom & Islam
01:090:297:02 Index# 10530
Professor Stephen Reinert
Th 11:30 AM - 02:30 PM Honors College Rm E128
CAC Campus

Molecular View of Human Anatomy: Antimicrobial Resistance in Three Dimensions
01:090:297:03 Index# 10531
Professor Shuchismita Dutta
Monday/ 10:20 AM-1:20 PM
Proteomics Bldg. Rm 126 Busch Campus