Academic Progress Policy

To graduate as a SAS Honors Scholar, a student must have completed all SAS Honors requirements except the Capstone requirement by the start of the senior year; the Capstone must be completed by the end of the senior year. Failure to complete the requirements as noted above will result in Academic Progress Dismissal from the program.

Students should work closely with their SAS Honors Program advisor each semester to create an academic plan that incorporates all SAS Core, SAS Honors Program, major, minor (if applicable), and other relevant requirements.  Although students may tailor their plan to their individual academic goals, the SAS Honors Program recommends the following sample academic plan for students who entered as a first-year student*.


 Sample Academic Plan*

One SAS Honors Colloquium
One Byrne Seminar (or approved alternate)**
Two Honors Courses
Progress on Foreign Language Proficiency Requirement

Two Honors Courses
Completion of Foreign Language Proficiency Requirement

Begin Capstone planning
Completion of remaining SAS Honors requirements

Completion of Capstone


*Students who are admitted to the SAS Honors Program as sophomores should work with their SASHP Advisor to create an individualized plan.
**While taking one Byrne Seminar (first-year students only) is recommended, students may select to take the following approved alternate: a 2nd Honors Colloquium, an Honors section of a SAS Signature course (when offered), a study abroad program for which a student receives Rutgers credit, to serve as a Peer Instructor for a FIGS course.