ResearchThe School of Arts and Sciences Honors Program strongly encourages the early involvement of undergraduates in research, and funds in support of scholarly projects undertaken by Honors Program students are available.

The Aresty Research Center for Undergraduates provides support for undergraduate research at Rutgers-New Brunswick through a variety of programs.

The mission of the Aresty Research Center is:

  • to generate interest among undergraduates in the process of and participation in research; to foster research experiences at Rutgers University throughout the careers of its undergraduates and across the disciplines;
  • to increase participation in undergraduate research, particularly among underrepresented groups and first generation college students;
  • to facilitate mentoring relationships between faculty and students, leading to engaged scholarship;
  • to cultivate a Renaissance approach to research in which conversations take place across the disciplines such that "experts" are able to explain and understand the work of those outside their fields of expertise;
  • to expose a wider audience to undergraduate research at Rutgers;
  • to encourage curricular reform that promotes active and engaged learning.  

ARC staff assists students in learning about the process of undergraduate research, identifying faculty mentors or projects, defining research goals, seeking funding for a project, seeking guidance in the ethical aspects of doing research, and presenting their findings to the university and the general public. They also serve as a resource for faculty who are actively mentoring undergraduates or who are interested in working with undergraduates and need assistance finding and funding students.

Stop by their office in Alexander Library and go to to find out more about becoming involved in research!