Honors Colloquium

All SAS Honors Program students are required to complete at minimum one Honors Colloquium. Students who enter the SASHP as first-year students are required to complete a second Honors Colloquium, or an approved alternate: Byrne Seminar, FIGS Peer Instructor, or a credit-bearing study abroad program/course.

The goal of the Honors Colloquium is to stimulate intellectual curiosity and discussion as well as provide students with an interdisciplinary approach to learning. Through discussions, lectures, film screenings, and museum visits, students will explore topics of social, scientific, and philosophical significance.

  • 01:090:111 | Fall Semester
  • 01:090:112 | Spring Semester

Spring 2019 Honors Colloquium

Paul Robeson Now: Race, Ethics, and Social Justice

In celebration of the 100th anniversary of Paul Robeson’s graduation from Rutgers College, the SAS Honors Program will explore the life and legacy of Paul Robeson in our spring 2019 Honors Colloquium. We’ll compare and contrast Paul Robeson’s achievements and struggles as a college student in the early 20th century to challenges faced by students today.  In particular, we will study the enduring struggle of modern public universities to meet their stated goals of inclusivity and empowerment for a diverse student body. Students will use ethical concepts and reasoning to debate pressing questions in the university today, ranging from admissions criteria and support for student athletes to creating open forums for a wide range of political points of view.  The class will combine large guest lectures with small discussions.

Final Group Action Project Proposal

Students in each colloquium section will work collectively to craft a proposal for an action project that responds to a problem or need on the Rutgers-New Brunswick campus from an ethical or social justice perspective. The topic may relate to race, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexuality, class, other categories of identity, or relate to issues pertaining to inclusion, equality, and social justice.  Students will present their final action project proposal in a poster session during the last day of class.

Learn more about Paul Robeson (1898-1976): https://news.rutgers.edu/feature/paul-robeson-renaissance-man-fought-injustice/20160214#.W83z2S-ZPBI

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[Paul Robeson’s Rutgers College yearbook photo; Class of 2022 RU students. Photos courtesy of Rutgers University.]

01:090:224:H3 The Vietnam War in Film

01:090:224:H3 The Vietnam War in Film

Tuesdays (double period) 2:50pm-5:50pm
Honors College, Room N-106
Dean Julio Nazario

Through films and select readings, our class will revisit this historical event and discuss the impact of the Vietnam War on American Society.  We will also consider the question: Do films on the Vietnam War convey the reality of the Vietnam War?

01:090:224:H2 The Great Short Reads

01:090:224:H2 The Great Short Reads
Thursday 4:30-5:50 PM during select days
35 College Ave, Third Floor
Professor Paul Blaney

Do you love reading fiction? Enroll in this one-credit Pass/No Credit course and join fellow students reading great short novels under the guidance of SAS Honors Program Writer-in-Residence, Paul Blaney.


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