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From small classes with award-winning faculty and special interdisciplinary seminars to extensive, personalized advising, peer and faculty mentoring, and dedicated Honors program housing, the mission of the School of Arts and Sciences Honors Program is to provide high-achieving students with unique opportunities to develop their intellectual and creative potential. By offering the very best of a small liberal arts college and a modern research university, SASHP strives for its graduates to become global change leaders. 

An integral part of our mission is the relationship with our valued alumni. The SASHP is committed to connecting Honors Program alumni with one another and incorporating them into the fabric of the SAS Honors Program and with our current Honors students. We actively seek opportunities to engage alumni with current undergraduates in order that they can help to educate the next generation. The Program appreciates hearing from alumni interested in sharing their experiences and interests as mentors, speakers, and guest lecturers. 



 Ways to stay connected:

We encourage you to continue checking our site to learn more about upcoming and recent activities involving Rutgers honors alumni- just like you!


*The SASHP carries on the legacy of the honors programs in the historic colleges at Rutgers University: Douglass College, Livingston College, Rutgers College, and University College.  When we refer to “Honors alumni” we include and recognize all alumni who participated in each of these programs.