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outdoor_172pxWelcome to Honors Program!


We invite exceptional students to join our community and to take advantage of special academic opportunities and challenges beyond the traditional curriculum and classroom, including extensive personalized advising, a Faculty Mentor Program, funding for research, honors residential options on each campus, and a variety of cultural and social activities.




dep_placeholderAll members of the SAS Honors Program are assigned an advisor from the SAS Honors Program staff.  Honors Program advisors are students' primary point of contact for discussions about course selection, major selection, graduate and professional school applications, major scholarship applications, internships, co-curricular opportunities, and much more.

SASHP Requirements

To be designated a "School of Arts and Sciences Honors Scholar" at the time of graduation, an SAS Honors Program student must complete the following requirements in accordance to the Academic Progress Policy.

Students can also download the SASHP Requirements Form.

Research Opportunities

The School of Arts and Sciences Honors Program strongly encourages the early involvement of undergraduates in research. The Spring semester of the Honors Colloquium provides an early basic experience in research, and funds in support of research projects undertaken by Honors Program students are available.

Program Policies


Honors Course Offerings

Each semester, honors courses of two kinds are available for members of the SAS Honors Program: Interdisciplinary Honors Seminars offered through the Honors Program, and Honors Courses offered through Academic Departments.

Students must complete, with a grade of a C or better, a minimum of 4 Honors Courses courses totaling 12 or more credits that are designated as Honors Seminars or Department-Based Honors Courses.  Please note: this requirement cannot be satisfied with research credits or be used to also fulfill the capstone requirement.  

Honors Colloquium Course

All SAS Honors Program students are required to complete at minimum one Honors Colloquium. Students who enter the SASHP as first-year students are required to complete a second Honors Colloquium, or an approved alternate: Byrne Seminar, FIGS Peer Instructor, SAS Signature Course (Honors Section), or a credit-bearing study abroad program/course.

The goal of the Honors Colloquium is to stimulate intellectual curiosity and discussion as well as provide students with an interdisciplinary approach to learning. Through discussions, lectures, film screenings, and museum visits, students will explore topics of social, scientific, and philosophical significance.

  • 01:090:111 | Fall Semester
  • 01:090:112 | Spring Semester


Spring 2018 Alternate Honors Colloquium Courses

The following two courses are alternates to the Honors Colloquia and are particularly well suited for juniors and seniors who have not yet taken Honors Colloquium or for students who need a second Honors Colloquium. 

01:090:224:H2 The Great Short Reads
Thursdays 4:30-5:50 PM during select days
35 College Ave, Third Floor
Professor Paul Blaney

01:090:224:H3 The Vietnam War in Film
Tuesdays (double period) 2:50-5:50PM
Honors College, Room N-106
Dean Julio Nazario

Previous Courses

Course Offerings

Each semester, honors courses of three kinds are available for members of the SAS Honors Program: Honors Colloquium offered through the Honors Program, Interdisciplinary Honors Seminars offered through the Honors Program, and Honors Courses offered through Academic Departments.

Interdisciplinary Honors Seminars

major minor electives graphicInterdisciplinary Honors Seminars are offered through the Honors Program. They are open to all New Brunswick/Piscataway Honors Program members in all class years, but are generally designed for first-year and second-year students. Faculty from throughout the New Brunswick campuses are invited to offer an Honors Seminar, an opportunity to think about complex problems and issues across disciplinary boundaries or outside of traditional disciplinary trajectories. For the faculty, the seminars are often a springboard for their own research or for course development. Through Honors Seminars, faculty also recruit promising undergraduates to join them on collaborative research projects. Honors Seminars have an enrollment of no more than fifteen students, and involve extensive written work and readings, discussion, independent work, and often include research as well as field work opportunities.  Interdisciplinary Seminars offered under 01:090:292, 01:090:293, 01:090:294, 01:090:295, 01:090:296, and 01:090:297 can be used to meet the SAS Core Curriculum goals in Writing and Communication [WCd].

 If the seminar you want is closed, please fill out this form to be added to the waiting list for Spring 2018. We will accommodate your request if spaces become available.

Spring 2018 Interdisciplinary Honors Seminars

Previous Courses

Honors Sections

There are two kinds of Honors Courses offered through academic departments: honors sections of lower-level regular courses, generally taken by first-year and second-year students (for example, Honors Introduction to Microecomomics, Honors Nature of Politics, Honors Calculus), and upper-level courses designated by the department as Honors (in Fall 2008, such courses include Advanced Econometrics, Jewish Politics and Power, Advanced Studies in Law: Reforming the Criminal Justice System, and Infant and Child Development). Enrollment in these courses varies, but is generally between 25-40 students.

Previous Courses


Welcome to the SAS Honors Program

Welcome to the SASHP
The School of Arts and Sciences (SAS) Honors Program encourages creative, talented, and motivated students to take advantage of all that Rutgers, a major public research university, has to offer, while fostering a strong sense of community and leadership among our Honors Scholars.
Our Honors Program offers a variety of opportunities, including rigorous Interdisciplinary Honors Seminars, Department-Based Honors Courses, Honors Colloquium, personalized advising, a Faculty Mentor Program, Peer Mentoring, Honors housing on each campus, and a wide range of cultural, social, and co-curricular activities.

Meet the Staff


Welcome to the School of Arts and Sciences Honors Program!

Whether you are a high school student considering the SAS Honors Program, a continuing student already at Rutgers, or are transferring from another institution, here are the basics of what you’ll need to know about joining us.  There are three pathways for admission into the School of Arts and Sciences Honors Program.  Please select your pathway to learn more about the application process and deadlines




Welcome to the School of Arts and Sciences!

gateRutgers is the largest state university in New Jersey and one of the top-ranked public universities nationwide. The School of Arts and Sciences (SAS) is located in New Brunswick, the birthplace of Rutgers, and brings excellence in teaching, research, and service to a world-class institution. The SAS is made up of five smaller campuses, each one a unique environment, from a busy city center, to a sprawling suburban landscape, to a wooded retreat.

The School of Arts and Sciences is a bustling community with events and activities for everyone.

Let us show you what we have to offer!

Are you a prospective student or parent? Come see us in person!

We offer a variety of ways for you to tour our campus and facilities.

Do you want to enjoy a sporting event, a theater production, a lecture, or other activity while you're here? Be sure to review our University-wide calendar to see what's happening.

Come see campus any time but to take advantage of the full range of what we offer, visit us on a weekday when classes are in session, residence halls and student centers are open, and our faculty, staff and students are available to answer your questions. We should mention that exam periods in mid-December and early May, spring break week in mid-March, winter break, and holidays are times when some of our tours and services are limited.

Ready to come for a visit? Here's what you need to know:

New Brunswick and Piscataway is easily accessible by train, bus, and car.

Parking on campus is limited. Visitor parking is available in pay-per-hour lots and parking decks around campus and in New Brunswick.

Staying overnight? Accommodation Suggestions

Do you have questions but aren't able to visit at the moment? No problem! Just contact RU-info at 732/932-info (4636), or "Ask Colonel Henry."


Listed here are events, programs, and opportunities offered by the School of Arts and Sciences Honors Program; by other units within the university; and events, programs, and in venues outside the university. Be curious and explore!


Explore Events

Thursday, February 1 | 10:00 PM
McCormick Late-Night Breakfast
McCormick Hall Lounge

Our Newsletters

Dr. Ruth Event

Richard D. Heffner Open Mind Lecture

The Richard D. Heffner Open Mind Lecture Series

Richard D. Heffner

In keeping with Professor Heffner’s lifelong concerns, the lecture series aims to identify how our sense of what it means to be human has been molded by history, politics, culture, and print, electronic, and cybernetic media. Richard Heffner sought “meaningful insights” into the values that shape contemporary society, through connections between individual lives and great issues of morality, politics, justice, and scientific, humanistic, and artistic knowledge. He believed in an informed citizenry and active participation in public policy. The lecture series is devoted to the broad questions and challenges he raised through his work, and to particular issues such as free and fair speech, privacy concerns, media regulation and ownership, and the role of the public intellectual, scholar, and teacher. 

Richard D. Heffner (1925-2013) was University Professor of Communication and Public Policy at Rutgers, widely known for his courses, “Communication and Human Values” in the School of Arts and Sciences Honors Program and “Mass Communication and the American Image” in the School of Communication and Information. 

He created and hosted the public television interview show The Open Mind, which began broadcasting in 1956, and which he continued to host for more than fifty years until his death. 

Richard Heffner was born in New York City in 1925 and received his B.A. and M.A. from Columbia University. It was as the host of The Open Mind that Heffner was known best, interviewing luminaries from Margaret Mead and Elie Wiesel, to Bill Moyers, and President Jimmy Carter. In 1963, after the assassination in Mississippi of civil rights leader Medgar Evers, he sat down with four civil rights leaders—Wyatt Tee Walker, James Farmer, Alan Morrison and Malcolm X—to discuss the state of race relations in America. Richard Heffner’s careful listening and probing questions were familiar to his students. His colleagues noted, “What he loved most was teaching. Great students were his inspiration and his joy.”

News Flash

News Flash



The School of Arts and Sciences Honors Program publishes two newsletters.The student newsletter is distributed by email every week during the academic year, and includes items of interest to currently enrolled Honors Program students.The student newsletter is edited by HP students and staff.The alumni newsletter is published once a semester, written by SAS Honors Staff.

Shout Out

Seeking love? A personal tutor? Something to do on a Saturday night?


Try something a little retro and send in a shout out for the newsletter. You can get yours published by sending an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and including “Shout-Out” in the subject line. We’ll post three or four every week so read carefully, you never know when your name will come up!

Honors Opportunities


Much of university learning takes place through programs that are connected with teaching, but not actually in the classroom. Honors students have the unique chance to engage with deans, faculty, and other students through our SASHP Leadership and Engagement opportunities.


Artists Collective

The Artists Collective is a collaborative group for Honors student artists to fuse academics and the arts through various creative endeavors. The Artists Collective hosts a variety of events for students to experience and express themselves through art.

Faculty Mentor Program

The SASHP Faculty Mentor Program matches new Honors students with a faculty member who provides valuable guidance and mentorship during their first year at Rutgers.

Global Experiences

Honors Global Experiences take the classroom abroad with international, interdisciplinary courses led by Honors faculty and staff.

Honors Housing

All SAS Honors students are eligible to live in Honors Housing located on each of Rutgers four campuses.

Honors Summer Shadow Experience

Looking for real world experience? Each summer, the SASHP hosts its Honors Summer Shadow Experience, where students are given the opportunity to shadow an Honors Program alumnus at their workplace.

Peer Mentor Program

First-year students are encouraged to participate in our Peer Mentor Program, where they are connected with a current SASHP student mentor. Mentors help first-year students to navigate Rutgers, college life, and the SASHP and encourage their mentee to participate in the various events hosted by the Peer Mentor Program.

Summer Reading Program

The SASHP Summer Reading Program engages new SASHP students with a thought-provoking book selected by staff, faculty, and fellow students. The SASHP then hosts a lecture and book-signing with the author at the beginning of each fall semester for all new Honors students. Students can get involved by joining the Summer Reading Selection Committee to help pick out future summer reading books.

Tea with the Dean

Want to learn more about exciting opportunities at Rutgers University and the SAS Honors Program? Join us for one of our many Tea with the Dean events.

Tutoring Program

Our SASHP Tutoring Program is the only source of free one-on-one tutoring at Rutgers University! Students are paired with a volunteer Honors student who will help them to improve academically in one of various subject areas.


Artists Collective

The Artists Collective is a collaborative group for Honors student artists to fuse academics and the arts through various creative endeavors. The Artists Collective hosts a variety of events for students to experience and express themselves through art.

Honors Ambassadors

Honors Ambassadors are student guides to all things SASHP. These student representatives are essential to recruiting prospective students to the SAS Honors Program by providing guidance and support during our spring Scholars Days.

Media Team

Have you heard? The SASHP Media Team is our source for all Honors Program news and media. Students are encouraged to contribute to one of our various SASHP media sources, including our blog and newsletter, to help get the word out about the SAS Honors Program and its students.

Peer Mentors & Programming Board

Our SASHP Peer Mentors are a familiar face and friend to first-year Honors students at Rutgers. Our mentors provide guidance, advice, and resources to new students throughout their first year at Rutgers. Peer Mentors can also get involved by joining our Peer Mentor Programming Board to assist with planning events for the academic year.

SAS Honors Program Senior Leader Award

The SASHP Senior Leader Award acknowledges the contributions of Honors students in their final year of undergraduate study who have made significant contributions to campus life at Rutgers, with particular emphasis on service to Honors Program organizations and initiatives. Eligible senior applicants must submit all components of the application by Wednesday, November 1, 2017. Access the online application here.

Student Advisory Board

The Honors Program Student Advisory Board (HPSAB) is the student voice of the SAS Honors Program. The HPSAB serves the whole Honors Program by providing advice and suggestions for Honors programming and policy.


SASHP Tutors provide free one-on-one tutoring to both honors and non-honors students at Rutgers. Tutors volunteer to assist with a subject of their choice and gain valuable leadership and academic experience.

Learn more about our Honors Leadership opportunities.



Summer Reading

Summer Reading Group with Author Yaa Gyasi

Each year, our SAS Honors Program faculty, staff, and students work together to choose a book for new SASHP students to read over the summer. In July and August, new SASHP students begin a conversation about the Summer Reading Book with faculty, staff and students on our SASHP Summer Reading Blog. In the fall, we have a lecture, book-signing, and reception with the author of the book. The Summer Reading Book is also frequently the primary text for the fall SAS Honors Colloquium course.

Previous Summer Readings

Tutoring Program

tutoringSpring SASHP Tutoring Program will begin January 26, 2018
Ru scheduler will open Jan. 22nd to schedule appointments.


The School of Arts and Sciences Honors Program is pleased to offer free one-on-one tutoring to Rutgers students. Tutoring is available to all New Brunswick undergraduates during the fall and spring semesters. Through the SASHP Tutoring Program, students in the SAS Honors Program volunteer their time and knowledge to tutor Rutgers students needing help in a wide range of academic subjects.  The Tutoring Program tutors choose the subjects in which they can offer assistance and the time availabilities they wish to contribute to the program.

  All Rutgers-New Brunswick Students Can Use the One-on-One Tutoring Program!

Want to make the most of your tutoring experience? Follow these simple steps for academic success:

  1. Go to class, talk to your professor, and attend office hours to discuss any problems you might be having in the course. Tutoring is meant to supplement instruction—not take the place of your class.
  2. Arrive at your tutoring session on time and check-in with the Learning Center’s staff. If you must cancel your session after business hours or within 48 hours of your appointment, please contact the appropriate Learning Resource Center.
  3. Be positive! Learning new or challenging material can be stressful at first, but remaining positive allows you to fully concentrate on the task at hand.
  4. Take an active role in your learning. Come to the tutoring session prepared with your class notes, textbook, and any necessary tools (e.g., calculator, pencil, pen).
  5. Ask questions—lots of them! A tutor is not a lecturer, and collaborative environments are often the most successful ones for learning.

Please visit the RU Tutoring Scheduler to make an appointment. Students may use this service twice per week and schedule appointments up to two weeks in advance. Tutoring for spring 2018 will begin on January 26, 2018

To make an appointment, log in with your NetID and password. Select your course and hit the "List View" button at the bottom. You will then see all available tutors, with times and locations. Select the one you want, confirm the time and course, and make the appointment. You will receive a confirmation email with the appointment details (if you do not receive an email, the appointment was not processed).

Students are also encouraged to visit any of the Rutgers Learning Centers on each campus for group tutoring, academic coaching and other assistance in their courses. Their locations are:

Specific course offerings may vary each semester, depending on each tutor’s availability. Commonly tutored subjects include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • 01:119:101 General Biology
  • 01:119:102 General Biology
  • 01:160:161 General Chemistry or 01:160:163 Honors General Chemistry
  • 01:160:162 General Chemistry or 01:160:164 Honors General Chemistry
  • 01:160:307 Organic Chemistry or 01:160:315 Honors Organic Chemistry
  • 01:160:308 Organic Chemistry or 01:160:316 Honors Organic Chemistry
  • 01:198:111 Intro to Computer Science
  • 01:220:102 Intro to Microeconomics
  • 01:220:103 Intro to Macroeconomics
  • 01:640:026 Intermediate Algebra
  • 01:640:103 Topics in Mathematics for the Liberal Arts
  • 01:640:111 Precalculus Part I
  • 01:640:112 Precalculus Part II
  • 01:640:115 Precalculus College Mathematics
  • 01:640:135 Calculus I
  • 01:640:136 Calculus II
  • 01:640:151 Calculus for Mathematics and Physical Sciences
  • 01:640:152 Calculus for Mathematics and Physical Sciences
  • 01:750:203 General Physics or 01:750:271 Honors Physics
  • 01:750:204 General Physics or 01:750:272 Honors Physics

Don’t see your course listed here? We have many more, including classes within the humanities and social sciences! For a full list of current subjects offered, please visit the RU Tutoring Scheduler.


  Interested in Being a Tutor?

Do you want to improve your critical thinking and leadership skills? Are you looking for a way to sharpen your academic knowledge while serving the Rutgers community? Volunteer to tutor fellow students! As little as 2 hours of your time each week can make a difference.

SAS Honors Program students in good standing who have completed at least one semester at Rutgers are invited to apply to the Tutoring Program. Tutors choose which course or courses they tutor, and only need to be available 2 hours per week! The application is available online the first week of the Fall and Spring semesters. Students selected to participate in the Tutoring Program will be required to attend periodic trainings and meetings throughout the academic year.

Click here to apply now for Spring 2018!

For questions about the Tutoring Program, please contact Dean Bouchenafa by phone (848-932-1405) or email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

Honors Program Ambassadors

Faculty Mentor Program

The SAS Honors Faculty Mentor Program provides undergraduates with access to the university's best faculty on a one-on-one basis. All incoming students are asked if they would like to participate in the program, and may select a faculty member from the list below. Many students develop close relationships with their faculty mentors over the first and second years; mentors often invite students to meet for lunch, to participate in departmental seminars and lectures, or even to collaborate with them or with colleagues on research projects.

View current SASHP Faculty Mentors


Meet the Staff (new)

All members of the SAS Honors Program are assigned an advisor from the SAS Honors Program staff.  Honors Program advisors are students' primary point of contact for discussions about course selection, major selection, graduate and professional school applications, major scholarship applications, internships, co-curricular opportunities, and much more.  We encourage you to visit any one of our six locations on each of the four campuses.

SASHP Advising Offices

College Avenue Campus (Main Office)

35 College Avenue, New Brunswick, NJ 08901
(848) 932-7964

  • Dean Musu Davis

    Adrianne Musu Davis, PhD
    Administrative Director
    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


  • Dean Julio Nazario

    Julio Nazario, MFA
    Assistant Dean
    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  • Mr. Paul Blaney

    Paul Blaney
    Writer in Residence/ Assistant Professor
    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  • Ms. Mary Jo Zachary

    Mary Jo Zachary
    Senior Administrative Assistant
    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

College Avenue Campus | Milledoler Hall

520 George Street, Rm. 119, New Brunswick, NJ 08901
(848) 932-1406

Busch Campus

Nelson Biological Labs, Rm. A-110, 604 Allison Road, Piscataway, NJ 08854
(848) 445-3912

Douglass Campus

College Hall, Rm. 306, 125 George Street, New Brunswick, NJ 08901
(848) 932-2011

Livingston Campus

Lucy Stone Hall, Rm. A-201, 54 Joyce Kilmer Avenue, Piscataway, NJ 08854
(848) 445-3206

Livingston Campus | Rutgers Business School

100 Rockafeller Road, Rm. 1031, Piscataway, NJ 08854
(848) 445-3600

  • Dean Kerstin Schnatter

    Kerstin Schnatter, MA
    Liaison between the School of Arts and Sciences and Rutgers Business School
    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

honors program offices

Nelson Biological Labs
Room A-110
P 848-445-3912
Milledoler Hall
Room 119
P 848-932-1406
College Hall
Room 306
P 848-932-2011
Lucy Stone Hall
Room A-201
P 848-445-3206

Contact Us


35 College Avenue
New Brunswick, NJ 08901

P 848-932-7964
F 732-932-2957