Interdisciplinary Honors Seminars

The Troubles: Partition, Sectarianism, Peace & Reconciliation in Northern Ireland

01:090:297:01 Index# 10529
Professor Paul Blaney, SAS - English, SASHP
W 02:50-05:50P
35 College Avenue Rm 302
College Ave Campus




This course will examine the social and political development of Northern Ireland in the modern era. It will focus in particular on Plantation, the United Irishmen revolt of 1798, the Partition of Ireland, Sectarianism, the Troubles, and the peace process. Students will examine, and perform, poetry, folk songs, speeches, and, in particular, plays, using them as starting points from which to understand key moments in the evolution of modern-day Northern Ireland. At the heart of the Seminar will be a week-long (Spring Break), one-credit study abroad experience.

PAUL BLANEY wears a variety of hats. He is Writer in Residence in the SAS Honors Program at Rutgers University. He also teaches Creative Writing and Creative Non Fiction in the English Department, and leads an annual Creative Writing Study Abroad Program to Lewes, England. Born and raised in London, he has lived and worked in Lisbon, Hong Kong, and Eugene, Oregon, and now lives in Easton, PA. Publications include poems, short fiction and the novel Mister Spoonface. When not at his desk, in the classroom, or at the steering wheel, he’s happiest out of doors.