How to Finance Your Study Abroad Education

- contributed by Laurent Reyes


So you want to go abroad but just can’t afford it? Well here are some crucial steps you should take to gather up some money for your once in a lifetime experience.

  • First, look in the Rutgers Study Abroad Scholarships website to find out about a few of the scholarships available to you.
  • Search your academic department for any scholarships or aid they might be offering. Talk to your professors and Deans, and search the department website.
  •   If you are involved in other organizations or programs, check to see what they are offering. For instance, both the SASHP Honors Program and the Douglass Residential College offer scholarships, such as DRC’s  Study Abroad Scholarship
  • Explore financial aid opportunities outside of Rutgers by looking for state, national and global scholarships.
  • Apply for the Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship which offers up to $5,000.
  • Visit the Foundation for Global Scholars to help you get started in your search for study abroad scholarships.
  • A last option could be to take out a couple of loans because the study abroad experience is totally worth it.

Good Luck and Bon Voyage.
Laurent Reyes

Laurent Reyes is a Senior majoring in Social Work and Women and Gender Studies. In spring 2011, Laurent studied abroad in South Korea, at Ewha Women's University, and understands the difficulties in obtaining financial resources for college students. Hence, Laurent decided to share this knowledge of the scholarships opportunities available to all students. Laurent hopes you can make use of these tips and have a wonderful time abroad!

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