In the SAS Honors Program, learning takes place both inside and outside the classroom. Honors students have the unique chance to engage with deans, faculty, and other students through our SASHP Engagement opportunities.

Artists Collective

The Artists Collective is a collaborative group for Honors student artists to fuse academics and the arts through various creative endeavors. The Artists Collective hosts a variety of events for students to experience and express themselves through art.

Faculty Mentor Program

The SASHP Faculty Mentor Program matches new Honors students with a faculty member who provides valuable guidance and mentorship during their first year at Rutgers.

Global Experiences

Honors Global Experiences take the classroom abroad with international, interdisciplinary courses led by Honors faculty and staff.

Happening at 35

Want to learn more about exciting opportunities at Rutgers University and the SAS Honors Program? Check out Happening at 35 and who's stopping by.

Honors Ambassadors

Honors Ambassadors, students with commitment and passion for the Honors Program, have volunteered their time over many years!

Honors Housing

All SAS Honors students are eligible to live in Honors Housing located on each of Rutgers four campuses.

Honors Peer Leaders

Honors Peer Leaders are student leaders who work within each Honors residence hall to provide programming, support, and offer opportunities for residents to connect with each other. The Honors Peer Leader at Large works to achieve the same goals with SASHP students who do not reside in Honors residence halls.

Honors Summer Shadow Experience

Looking for real world experience? Each summer, the SASHP hosts its Honors Summer Shadow Experience, where students are given an one day opportunity to shadow an Honors Program alumnus at their workplace.

Media Team

Have you heard? The SASHP Media Team is our source for all Honors Program news and media. Students are encouraged to contribute to one of our various SASHP media sources, including our blog and newsletter, to help get the word out about the SAS Honors Program and its students.

Peer Mentor Program

Our SASHP Peer Mentors are a familiar face and friend to first-year Honors students at Rutgers and provide guidance, advice, and resources to new students throughout their first year at Rutgers.

Peer Mentor Programming Board

Exceptional Peer Mentors are selected to serve on the Peer Mentor Programming Boardwhose goal is to provide academically and socially enriching monthly events for the Peer Mentor and SASHP community to participate in.

Summer Reading Program

The SASHP Summer Reading Program engages new SASHP students with a thought-provoking book selected by staff, faculty, and fellow students. The SASHP then hosts a lecture with the author at the beginning of each fall semester for all new Honors students. Students can get involved by joining the Summer Reading Selection Committee to help pick out future summer reading books.

Peer Tutoring

SASHP Peer Tutoring is a free one-on-one tutoring service for Rutgers undergraduate students. Honors students from across RU-New Brunswick volunteer their time to help their peers improve academically in a variety of subject areas.




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