Honors Summer Shadow Experience

Honors Summer Shadow Experience - Wee Siang Tay and Andrew Lear at FCB Health

The SASHP Summer Shadow Experience is currently on pause. In the meantime, please visit the Honors Alumni-Student Networking Directory on Canvas to reach out to Honors Alumni from various career industries.  

The Summer Shadow Experience offers Honors Program students the opportunity to visit a member of the alumni from the honors and scholars program of Douglass, Livingston, Rutgers, and University Colleges, and the School of Arts and Sciences Honors Program at their place of work. Through this one day shadowing experience, students get to:

  1. Explore their curiosity about an interested career
  2. Glimpse into a professional environment
  3. Meet with professionals in the field
  4. Discover whether the industry or professional role is a good fit
  5. Learn industry vocabulary
  6. Gain mentorship and networking opportunities with a Honors Alumnus

Due to limited opportunities, students may only apply to one Summer Shadow Experience. Priority will be given based on class year seniority.

Applications are rolling and spots are limited (as noted below).  

All participants will be required to speak with Dean Kim-Lee prior to their Summer Shadow Experience.

Funding for travel may be available upon request to the SAS Honors Program if donations are not provided by the Honors Alumnus.