Faculty Mentors

stone matthewProfessor Matthew Stone, is the Graduate Program Director in the Computer Science Department, and a member of the Center for Cognitive Science. His research aims at building computer systems that can communicate naturally with people. Sometimes the work leads to proof-of-concept software systems with new capabilities. These demos have given computers new ways to describe actions in natural language instructions, to ask and answer clarification questions, to use and understand vague language sensibly, and to communicate expressively with intonation, facial expressions, and hand gestures. Many of these demos get their behavior by understanding and imitating the people that talk to them. This research involves more than just writing programs. It’s also crucial to get clear on what meaning is, how languages encode it, and how people process it. Stone regularly collaborates with philosophers, linguists and psychologists, and helps supervise student research across a range of methodologies, to help answer these bigger questions. 

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