Faculty Mentors

scott robertProfessor Robert Scott grew up in Hamilton, Montana and received his Ph.D from the University of Texas at Austin in 2004. His research is united by an interest in environmental influences on hominid evolution.  His interests span dietary adaptations and change.  Professor Scott has done paleontological and paleoanthropological fieldwork in Indonesia, Turkey, Hungary, China, and Montana.  He is the co-developer of a new repeatable method for quantifying primate and hominin dental microwear in three dimensions. This method has provided new insights into the diet of South African early hominins suggesting the importance of fallback food exploitation and was published in the journal Nature.  Professor Scott’s most recent research effort explores hominin diet in another way: He is conducting comparative experiments on the digestion of cooked and raw meat.  Professor Scott teaches the course “Extinction”, part of the pioneering SAS Signature course initiative. He also teaches “Human Osteology,” “Quantitative Methods in Evolutionary Anthropology” and “Evolution of Human Diet.”  Most, recently Prof. Scott has co-developed a new Rutgers certificate program in Evolutionary Medicine.  His hobbies include hiking and camping, gardening, and poker.

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