Faculty Mentors

Larry JacobsLarry Jacobs, TED Talks featured speaker, Career Services Program Director, Professor of Psychology adjunct, and former H.R. Director, holds ED.S and M.S. in Counseling Psychology. He is proud to be part of the SASHP Faculty Mentor Program, to help you get your career on track and find your calling. He educates and inspires students on career & life planning, secrets to winning interviews, resume writing with your Wow factor, assist with your personal statement for Med School, choosing your major, set goals with an action plan, and he teaches Psychology. He serves as a liaison to SEBS and STEM students at RU. He encourages you to secure internships and volunteer work which bring you results for job offers. He is the founder of Kidstreet, the largest playground in NJ, carried the US Olympic Torch, founded Dare2Dream motivational program and presented to over 400,000 people. Born deaf, yet lives life to the fullest, he encourages you to plan for your dreams, to be the problem solver, and to be the very best you can be. Are you ready to find your passion? Make things happen….Now!

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