Faculty Mentors

Michmizos Konstantinos NewProfessor Konstantinos Michmizos is an Assistant Professor in Computer Science at Rurgers, an Executive Council Faculty at Rutgers Center for Cognitive Science and affiliated member of the Brain Health Institute and the Center for Computational Biomedicine Imaging and Modeling (CBIM). Prior to joining Rutgers, he completed two postdoctoral trainings on robotics, at MIT, and computational neuroscience, at Harvard Medical School. He directs the Computational Brain Lab, with a focus that combines foundational research on computational neuroscience and neuromorphic computing with applications on neuro-mimetic and neuro-rehabilitation robots. His team's overarching goal is to harness neuro-AI into robots that either mimic or help us understand and restore brain function. Konstantinos's research has been supported, among others, by Intel and the NIH through the K Career Development Award.

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