Faculty Mentors

Tamas JenniferJennifer Tamas is an Associate Professor of French. She received a PhD in Stylistic from Paris Sorbonne and a PhD in French Literature from Stanford University. She is interested in Feminist Theory (notions of agency, consent and resistance), Theater and Performance Studies, Ghost and Mourning as well as Motherhood and Childhood in French Old Regime. Her publications include numerous articles on passions and theater, a monograph on Racine’s tragedies, a co-edited volume about the linguistic power of silence on the theatrical stage and a collective volume about an influential woman of letters, Madame de Sévigné.  Her current book project entitled “Take No For An Answer! The Art of Not Giving Consent Then And Now” examines women resistance in French Old Regime at a time when galanterie was a key value. Looking at the past, her analysis remains particularly relevant since galanterie is nowadays under attack. Her close reading of 17th century texts (especially female memoirs, fairy tales, plays, commentaries of the Bible) reveals textual refusals that have been undocumented. Her book challenges the foundations of romantic love by exploring our cultural heritage through a female gaze.

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