Faculty Mentors

Aiello J2Professor John R. Aiello's research focuses upon the regulation and control of social interaction (including the role of nonverbal components of interaction).  His research interests include: leadership, stress, social facilitation, distraction, electronic performance monitoring, telecommuting, feedback, goal-setting, privacy, supervisory communication style, social justice and others. His research team has been involved in doing literature searches and meta-analysis coding as well. Topics of literature search include privacy legislation, performance feedback, social facilitation, computermonitoring and others. The research team provides students the opportunity to gain hands-on experience with the day-to-day operations of research in social and organizational psychology. Students will participate in the excitement of discovery: they will learn how research is generated and hypotheses are formulated, how investigations are conducted, and how data are organized, analyzed, and interpreted. There are many opportunities to participate in the training for and the execution of research, both in the field and in the lab. Students are able to learn how to effectively research the literature on topics related to social and organizational psychology. Working as a team is a central part of our research, and students have a great opportunity to learn how best to work together. Students also will have an opportunity to acquire skills that are invaluable in graduate school and in the workforce. These skills include literature searches, using SPSS to organize and analyze data, detecting and correcting problems that arise in the lab, and brainstorming ideas for future studies with the research team. The more initiative students take, the more opportunities they will have to acquire these skills. Recent research also includes a focus on the impact of  COVID-19 on the student experience (e.g., academic performance, mental and physical health, coping mechanisms).

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