Faculty Mentors

Professor Sam Gunderson does RNA-based research focusing on the regulation of gene expression at the level of processing of precursor mRNA in mammalian cells.  His lab seeks to understand how a single gene can produce 10's to 100's of unique mRNAs some of which can lead to unique proteins.  Biochemical methods are used to reconstitute regulatory pathways so as to gain mechanistic insight into the inner workings of gene expression regulatory complexes.  Professor Gunderson’s research is focused on developing new technologies to detect all the alternatively spliced and polyadenylated mRNAs in a given cell type, something current gene microarrays fail to do.  A recent development is a new gene silencing technology, which uses a completely different mechanism than RNA interference.   He is looking for novel polymers and delivery systems to introduce U1in gene silencing molecules into cells and animals with the goal of developing genomic-wide high throughput methods for functional genomics. 

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