Faculty Mentors

Professor Milt Heumann teaches courses on civil liberties and civil rights, the politics of criminal justice, and judicial decision-making. Professor Heumann received his B.A. from Brooklyn College in l968, and his M.Phil., and Ph.D. from Yale University  (1971,1976). His publications include Plea Bargaining, Speedy Disposition, Hate Speech on Campus, Good Cop, Bad Cop:Profiling, Race and Competing Visions of Justice. Professor Heumann has taught at the University of Michigan, Rutgers-Camden School of Law and Yale Law School (where he also was a Guggenheim Fellow).  His current research interests include the consequences of felony convictions (for voting, for professional licensing), an examination of jury nullification in light of recent sentencing reforms, and a number of studies of different dimensions of the right to privacy.  He also plans to write a screen play based on a brilliant, albeit cantankerous, 88 year old attorney/friend, who working with only a few other local residents, challenged the decision making structure of a large closed community in New Jersey.

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