Become a Peer Mentee

Become A Peer Mentee


Image description: A Peer Mentor and Peer Mentee smile while holding up their notebooks during a video call meet-up for Peer Mentor Week 2021.


Transitioning from high school to college can be intimidating, but the SAS Honors Peer Mentors are here to help make the journey an informed and smooth experience. 

Peer Mentors are made up of upper-class honors students who are eager to give you advice on all things Rutgers and honors. They are happy to chat with you in person, by phone, text, or social media.  Don't be surprised if your Peer Mentor offers to show you how to use the bus system, brings you to one of their student organization meetings, or invites you to share how your first week of classes went over coffee; it's just what our Peer Mentors do!

In order to be matched to a Peer Mentor, incoming first-year Honors Program students from the Class of 2025 can expect to receive information about our application in spring 2021. Once all applications have been received at the end of May, our Peer Mentor Programming Board will match each incoming student to a current Honors Program student based on major/academic interests, career goals, resident/commuter status, and/or extracurricular interests. Your Peer Mentor will then contact you by e-mail with an introduction and information about how to stay in touch.  

Mentors and Mentees have an opportunity to meet at the Virtual Peer Mentor & Mentee Summer Gathering in June.

Throughout the academic year, Mentors and Mentees are invited to continue to attend other fun Peer Mentor events.  

Apply to be a Peer Mentee

For more information about our Peer Mentor Program, browse our Peer Mentor Program site, follow the Programming Board led Peer Mentor Program Instagram, or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


SASHP Peer Mentee Timeline

May - Apply for a Peer Mentor!

Visit the SASHP Peer Mentor website to learn more about the Peer Mentor Program. Then, fill out our quick and easy Peer Mentee application by May 16, 2021.

June - Meet Your Peer Mentor!

In early June, you will receive an email from your Peer Mentor with information about their academic major and interests, and an invitation to join them at the Peer Mentor & Mentee Summer Gathering.

At the end of June, we will hold our annual Summer Gathering over Zoom, where you will get the chance to meet your Peer Mentor and connect with other first-year SAS Honors students. More information to come!

September - Re-connect and Get Support!

During the first week of classes, meet up with your Mentor at the Peer Mentor Fall Kick-off event.

Use this time to review your schedule with your Mentor, ask questions about the buses or parking, and get tips on Add/Drop Week!

Fall Semester - Keep in Touch!

Stay in touch with your Mentor throughout the semester via text, email, coffee hangouts, or by attending monthly Peer Mentor Program events (like Passport to Student Success and the Fall Kick-Off) together!

During spring registration, ask your Mentor for help with your schedule, registering for classes, and how to use online resources like WebReg.

Repeat in the Spring!

Look out for our monthly spring events like Peer Mentor Week and our Spring De-Stress Night! 

Plus, consider applying to be a Peer Mentor for next year!


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