Honors Colloquium

Spring 2018 Colloquium

This Spring 2018, the SAS Honors Program “Ethics and Everyday Life” will focus on the significance of applied ethical reasoning across all disciplines. We will use our 10-week, 1-credit mission course to develop ethical reasoning skills by analyzing and debating challenging ethical prompts taken from Collegiate Ethics Bowl. Ethics Bowl is a form of team debate centered around developing ethical principles and applying them to pressing social problems. We will use both the prompts and the format of Ethics Bowl to guide the structure of the course.


Large assembly lectures will be devoted to discussing key ethical theories, as well as methods of debate. We will also have guest lectures from various fields in to discuss the important ethical questions currently facing their fields. Small sections will be split into teams that will work together to prep debate responses and then engage in mock debates. Team roles can range from speaking to providing research and support questions. The goal is that all members come away with a deeper understanding of the difficulty and importance of ethical debate.