Global Experiences

Spring 2016: Sister Republics: The Netherlands and America

 Sister Republics: The Netherlands and America

Faculty Leader: Jennifer Jones (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.), History

Travel Dates: March 11- March 18, 2016

Class Meeting Times: Wednesday, 12:35-1:55p, Hickman Hall, Douglass Campus

Program Costs: $1,500

Course Number: 01:959:193, 1 credit and 01:090:112:12, 1 credit. (Honors Students will receive a total of 2 credits).

Join Dean Jennifer Jones and fifteen Rutgers Honors students who will serve as “ambassadors” for Rutgers on this historic Rutgers 250th anniversary mission to our “sister university,” the University of Utrecht in the Netherlands. This field experience in Utrecht is tied to the Spring Honors Colloquium, “Sister Republics: The Netherlands and America,” and will take students to key historic and cultural sites in Utrecht. Rutgers students will meet and engage with Honors students and faculty at the University College Utrecht (UCU), a small international honors college within the University of Utrecht. Students will explore and debate issues with which both American and Dutch researchers are wrestling, including adaptation to climate change and rising sea levels, the impact of globalization on local and national economies, and the rise of ethnic and religious intolerance.


Outside the classroom, students will explore the city of Utrecht, taking in the history, culture, and social life of this important crossroads on the banks of the Rhine River. Utrecht is a youthful and vibrant city with a diverse, multi-ethnic population of over 300,000 Students will have ample opportunities to enjoy the pleasures of this charming city – from strolling centuries-old canals and exploring the distinctive wharf cellars, to experiencing the fun of riding a bicycle through medieval streets, and enjoying the many cafes and restaurants in the city center.

*There are 15 available spaces. Please apply early.


Students accepted to the program will receive a special permission numbers to enroll in 01:959:193 (1 credit field experience) AND 01:090:112:12 (1 credit) .